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Company’s Departments and sections

1- Director General:

Is the supreme head of the company and he is the one who makes decisions and orders and posed in front of the official and semi-official courts, natural persons in each matter concern with the company and he has power of attorney of others and has also authorized company employees some of his powers. Director General must have experience & competence and has at least an initial university degree in Engineering.

2- Assistant of Director General:

Has at least an initial university degree in Engineering. Has experience not less than 10 years. Takes the role of the director General in his absence and manage the powers that authorized to him by the Director General.

3- Secretary of Management Council:

- Headed by employee has at least a junior high school diploma or equivalent. His job related directly with the Director General and he is responsible for regulating Company Management Council work sheets.

- His duty: prepare the reports for the management council meetings through the follow-up with the sections to gather the information and reports to be displayed in the meetings as well as organizing and documenting the reports and follow up the implementation of decisions with the related sections and other offices.

4- Director General Office:

- Headed by employee his job title is secretary has at least a junior high school diploma and support him number of employees and he supervises on the secret mail.

- His duty: Organizing and documenting the correspondence submitted to the Director-General and issued him and organizing audits and follow-up to deliver the directives issued by the Director-General of the concerned authorities and orientation and supervise the performance of the secret mail.

5- Quality Management Section:

- This section was formed according to administrative order 938/262 in 22/1/2002. Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree in Engineering.

- Functions;

1- Visit production sites and look at the equations mixing of asphalt and concrete and identify deviations and ways to address them either on site or desktop.

2- Control of the laboratory tests of structural materials processed in accordance with the specifications.

3- Coordination with Plants section on the reform of asphalt plants and crushers.

4- Follow-up machinery repair campaign.

5- Involve many of quality management members in training courses.
6- Human Rights Section:

- This section was formed according to administrative order 13674 in 23/12/2008.

- Functions:

1- Spread the culture of human rights.

2- Monitoring violations, according to the right the ministry sponsored by its’ specialization and powers.

3- Promoting respect for the right of which is sponsored by the ministry, such as the right to housing.

4- Statistics collection acts of terrorism and human rights violations.

7- Public relations section:

- Headed by employee has at least a junior high school diploma or equivalent and has experience in his job.

- Functions:

1- Implementation of media events that reflect the activities and achievements of the company.

2- Contact newspapers and media organizations and facilitate their tasks.

3- Visit projects implemented by the company in Baghdad and other provinces and documentation phases of work in the form of pictures and CDs.

8- Planning & Follow-up dept.

- Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree in Engineering and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Planning for the company's business and follow-up reports workflow projects programs on schedule.

2- Determine the progress and the deviation from the programs and recommendations on follow-up treatment with securing production requirements according to the timetable for the implementation of the program.

3- Prepare a plan of training and qualification of staff and according to the needs of the company and the development of efficient performance of the company staff.

4- Preparation of statistical information for the workforce, machinery and laboratory productivity and derive indicators to serve the company's activity.

5- Follow the organization of systems, software and documentation on the computer.

6- Study of Production quantities and comparing it with materials processed and the amount of work done and determine the percentage of waste.

7- Visualize and a clear vision for the future and what the company looks for and work to achieve them.

8- Develop annual research plan for the company and presented to the management council for consideration and a statement of opinion thereon and in coordination with the leadership elements in the case of their presence or use of consultants outside the company.

9- The formation of research committees to do the completion of research and follow up their implementation to the final stages and recommendation of printing useful.

10-Follow scientific publishing and modern versions inside and outside the country to take advantage of the international telecommunications network Internet.

11-Recommendation to participate in the presence of scientific exhibitions related with the company activities.

12-Follow up the implementation of the company's development plan which confirmed in the Ministry.

13-Study all that would upgrade the performance of all the company's departments.

14-Study of environmental problems caused by projects and ministry sites and formations and propose solutions to address them and study their powers from an environmental perspective and put controls on the environment.

15-Conduct environmental surveys and prepare environmental site survey forms of the ministry’s locations & projects and evaluate them.

16-Follow the safety environment for workers and improve it.

17-Increased environmental awareness for employees of the ministry through the distribution of petty cash and the establishment of seminars, conferences and in coordination with the competent authorities.

18-Follow-up local, Arab & international activity in the field of protecting and improving the environment.

19-Conduct studies and research to protect and improve the environment.

20-Building an information base and sustain environmental.

21-Coordination with the consulting offices and specialized laboratories to conduct studies and measurements in the field of environmental protection and improvement.

Associated with the Department of Planning and Follow-up the following sections:

- Planning sec.

- Statistic sec.

- Follow up sec.

- Training & development sec.

- GIS sec.

9- Projects dept.

- Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree in Engineering and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Supervising the implementation of projects and the conduct of business by departments, offices and departments associated operational projects.

2- Preparation of work programs and detailed tables with the requirements of projects and provide technical advice and study of periodic reports on the progress of work on projects.

3- Diagnose problems and obstacles and take the necessary solutions and prepare technical studies and designs, done items and pricing for new business and in coordination with other departments.

4- Charge of the installation and maintenance of asphalt plants, crushers and screening.

5- Follow up factories productivity, quality & plan of materials insurance plan for the production.

Associated with the Department of projects the following sections:

- Roads sec.

- Projects offices sec.

- Environment & Professional safety sec.

10-Bridges dept.

- Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree in Engineering and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions: implementation of bridges projects, pilling dig, produce girders & culverts & pipes, produce ready concrete.

Associated with the Department of bridges the following sections:

- Readymade concrete girders & culverts.

- Central batch plant.

- Follow up of bridge execution.

11-Machinery Dept.

- Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree in Engineering and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Charge of the repair and maintenance of the idle machines.

2- Pursue reforms repair shops in the workplace and distributed according to the needs of projects.

3- Coordination with Projects Department for write-offs for equipment transactions

4- Prepare periodic tables and attitudes on the distribution mechanisms and status for all work sites.

Associated with the Department of Machinery the following sections:

- Transportation sec.

- Mechanical workshops sec.

- Machinery & equipments sec.

12-Finance Dept.

- Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Overseeing the financial and business matters and computational.

2- Preparing schedules regular annual budget estimates, implementation and cost accounts.

3- Records and restrictions of the stores and the application of the rules of exchange in accordance with the laws.

4- Records and restrictions and the application of the rules of exchange in accordance with the laws.

5- Supervising accounting to store materials and equipment duly and preparing the final accounts of the company.

6- Implementation of deferred payment agreements concluded and to be concluded with banks funded and foreign companies contracting with the concerned authorities.

7- Execute the plan of import of foreign markets and the comment and shipping and directed materials and record-keeping necessary.

Associated with the Department of finance the following sections:

- Salaries sec.

- Expenditure sec.

- Assets sec.

- Contractors’ accounts sec.

- Store accounts sec.

- General accounts sec.

- Stores sec.

13-Audit dept.

- Headed by an employee (director) has at least an initial university degree in this field and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Do the supervision and audit all of the company's business for the purpose of achieving effective control of the company and make money pre-and post-audit of transactions and make suggestions to develop working methods in the light of phenomena discovered.

2- Follow-up audit programs and financial reports and organize field trips to see the implementation of audit programs and evaluate the performance and ensure the validity of the data installed in the accounting records as well as business inventory, inventory control, inventory and speculative scrutiny of budgets and final budgets.

3- Open cards and deportation, audit inventory documents Publications of the company and do visits and inventories continuing to main and sub stores and matching inventories annual with financial records, computers and extracting inventory results and install the observations and submitted to senior management as well as the answer to the remarks of Supreme Audit and provide all what they need.

Internal Audit based on the implementation of the tasks set forth in this system as follows:

1- Put audit programs for its business and its activities & cover all activities so as to ensure the achievement of the following goals:

- Accuracy in accounting and financial treatments.

- Protect company property.

- The correct application of the laws and regulations, instructions and decisions and any further guidance and progress within the limitations of these data.

2- Scientific methods and procedures in conducting oversight on the company's activity.

3- Permissions guarantee the achievement of control over the operations procedures for the sale and purchase and the receipt and delivery of property.

4- Inventory according to assets, both with regard to stock or cash and fixed assets.

5- Inadmissibility of exchange without documents reinforced the exchange.

6- Follow-up work to inventory committees and compliance it.

7- Prepare monthly reports to ensure their activities for the previous period lifted the Director General and copy them to the internal control in the center of the ministry. The company's management to take the necessary measures to liquidate irregularities contained in the report within 30 days of the date of receipt to the Office of the Director-General.

Associated with the Department of Audit the following sections:

- Audi sec.

- Store control sec.

14-Information Technology (IT) dept.

- Headed by an employee (director) has at least an initial university degree in engineering or computer field and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Do data entry and withdrawal of reports and documentation and update information on the following programs (Salaries, consolidated accounting program, stores, personnel, Machinery, the incentives, actual reality program, and Real Estate Company).

2- Draw tables and graphs and documenting the information of company projects by the ready regulations.

3- Organization and the establishment of training courses in the field of computers according to a specific schedule and according to the ministry's plan in training.

4- Organize evidence of Computing.

5- Maintenance of computers.

15-Legal Affairs Dept.

- Headed by an employee (director) has at least an initial university degree in his specialist and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Pursue lawsuits with the courts.

2- Follow-up acquisition of property belonging to the company from the allocation of housing units for its adherents as well as rental buildings belonging to others.

3- Investigation committees.

4- Conclusion of contracts and the announcement of the construction and commitments as well as the opening of the tenders submitted for the company as well as a resolution of the specialized Committee and organize assignments and contracts.

5- Follow the organization of guarantees of the company with contractors.

6- Represent the company before the courts, boards and specialist councils.

7- Providing legal advice and organizing contracting and contract issues and application conditions.

Associated with the Department of legal affairs the following sections:

- Property sec.

- Lawsuits sec.

- Contracts sec.

16-Human resource dept.

- Headed by an employee (director) has at least an initial university degree and experience not less than 10 years.

- Functions:

1- Follow-up transactions of Personnel and general administrative services.

2- Check personal and public information.

3- Supervise the affairs of the translation and correspondence with the companies contracting with the company.

4- Supervision and follow-up on matters of public relations.

5- Preparation seminars, conferences and trips and definition of the objectives of the company.

6- Development and use of the computer and save all the information through personnel program and it can provide the required information during record time.

7- Follow-up work and leavers include those who have sums of money for the company as well as continuity of work in providing monthly positions to the ministry, in coordination with the Department of Legal Affairs for the purpose include engineers covered within the centralized distribution plan for the years 98-2001 and who did not review the company.

8- Create modern cars received in addition to the previously available cars and organize as transfer cars for the employees of the company.

9- Maintaining the company's property by increasing the efficiency of the staff working in the projects and all the company's departments in packing committees which commensurate with the current situation.

10-Media coverage of the company's projects completed and preparation of monthly media activity and organizing the celebrations filed periodic.

11-Implementation instructions Industrial Security and Civil Defense.

12-Answer correspondence industrial security of the relevant authorities.

13-Achieve field visits to all company sites to ensure implementation of the duties of industrial and security instructions and guidance so and report to the Director-General includes the negatives and positives and continue fixing margins continued to report.

14-Submit a proposal amounts necessary for the execution of the annual industrial security and safety securing supplies to the Director General of obtaining approvals and incorporated within the annual budget.

15-Subscribe with industrial security chief in the company to form teams implementation of the emergency plan and respond to the directives and orders issued by the Supreme Committee for the purpose of implementing and handle any emergency.

16-A practice field for the work of self-protection teams and civil defense and under the supervision of the civil defense departments.

17-The introduction of self-protection committees and civil defense in specialized courses and follow up on that.

18-Follow-up repair fire extinguishers in civil defense departments.

19-Develop a plan for scattering mechanisms and auto service and productivity, whether idle or unusable and not harboring those cars converged for the purpose of reducing material losses.

20-Work is continuing on the introduction of first aid squad in medical first aid courses.

21-Forming committees in all company sites belonging to industrial safety and self-protection and sent variables and observations on the implementation of industrial safety instructions.

Associated with the Department of Human Resources the following sections:

- Personnel sec.

- Maintenance sec.

- Dismissed Politicians sec.

- Services sec.

- Retirement sec.

17-Productive Units dept.

- Headed by an employee has at least an initial university degree in Engineering and experience not less than 10 years.

- Function:

1- Follow up work in plants and production units.

2- Follow-up repair work on labs and production units.

3- Supply new plants in case the company needs them to meet the needs of projects.

4- Follow the position of plants and production units and a statement of idle & good plants, candidate and write-off.

Associated with the Department of productive units the following sections:

- Plants sec.

- Mixers sec.

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